The advantages of private car rental compared to a traditional one

You can easily rent a cheap car closer to home, because the rates are usually very advantageous compared to those of traditional rental options. Sharing cars reduces the impact on the environment and allows for meetings in a more friendly spirit.

How do I know if the rented car is in good condition?

When they offer their car to rent, the owners provide a vehicle in good working conditions and undertake up to date technical controls. Before taking control of the vehicle, you must check that the technical control is up to date. Do not hesitate to ask for the car's maintenance book if you have any doubts. In addition, the evaluation system makes it possible to note and assess the state of the vehicle. Finally, do not hesitate to report any vehicle that does not meet the required quality criteria. We will disable them until the owner makes the necessary checks/repairs.

Is it legal to rent a private car?

  Of course, otherwise we would not be talking about it! And so that everyone is covered in case of problems, most companies negotiate tailor-made insurance policies with their partners. The insurance is the same whether the vehicle is equipped with special company accessories. To find out more about private car hire insurance policies, you can read our articles specialized in the matter.

How is the price fixed and what does it include?

  The price is fixed per day and includes compulsory insurance as well as the rental agency commission. You therefore have no extra charge to add to the price displayed apart from any supplements related to the addition of kilometres. The price per additional kilometre is set on each ad. The total fare is adjusted according to the selected dates and kilometres. Prices per day and per kilometre are chosen by the owner when the ad is submitted. The owner receives 70% of the amount indicated in most cases.
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