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The market place has changed significantly. Thanks to technology, the current go-to-market strategy makes businesses find customers. This is a complete shift from the traditional approach where buyers went to find the market. Majority of the items on the website…

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Precautions to take before choosing a car to rent

Planning for renting a car for your trip and vacations is a difficult matter. Thus, you should be aware of some sudden problems . So, in order to feel at ease in your holidays with your friends or with your…

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How to repair your car yourself?

Salty bill, feeling powerless and puzzled between the escalating cost of repairs and the high cost of living, some people give up their car, while others realize great savings. How? This is by choosing the option to repair the car…

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Smart and cost effective ways to repair your car

How to repair your car without breaking the bank? How to save money when taking careĀ of your vehicle? What solutions for cheap car repair? Discover with us all the good plans to repair your car at a lower cost.

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How to choose a car mechanic?

Engine problem, oil leakage … the worries with your car can be very numerous. To solve these mechanical problems, a visit to the garage is required. Tips for finding the right professional.

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Maintenance operations of a diesel car engine

The relative lowering of diesel vehicles’ prices in recent years, following the energy difficulties and the arrival on the market of “small diesel” with characteristics comparable to those of equivalent gasoline models, leads us to tackle the maintenance of this…

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Maintenance of a gasoline-powered car

Every knowledgeable driver knows it, the maintenance of a gasoline-powered car is easier and less expensive than for the other engines. In 2017, the number of new registrations was estimated at 53% for a gasoline car compared to 23% in…

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