Smart and cost effective ways to repair your car

How to repair your car without breaking the bank? How to save money when taking care of your vehicle? What solutions for cheap car repair? Discover with us all the good plans to repair your car at a lower cost.

So many alternatives

75% of people in the UK use their cars daily and it costs them dearly. Between repair and maintenance, it takes an average of 2,000 euros per year. Sometimes it's a lot more because, in the garages, prices can vary from single to triple. Fortunately, there are alternative solutions. Second-hand parts, internet purchase or repair professionals, there is no option shortage!

Auto Parts Recycling Centers

A faulty alternator can cost around 1,000 euros. Yet, there are garages a little particular proposing the recycling of auto parts where the repair costs only 234 euros. In fact, after control and expertise, recoverable parts of vehicles that are no longer rolling are reassembled on other vehicles. As in a traditional case, the damaged cars are stored and then boned. But the concept has been modernized. Each piece is carefully checked, indexed and computerized. A recycling center also has an after-sales service. The coins are indeed guaranteed one year. Recycling is the best way to give a second life to carcasses. This concept saves money on car repairs.

The use of a vocational high school

A car repair can be done in a professional high school. Students learn to repair the car by working on concrete cases. A drain, a filter oil to change, students perform these repairs as real professionals. They work under the watchful eye of their mechanics' teacher. The latter is always present to supervise the intervention. Spare parts are new parts. A professional high school bills like an ordinary garage. The labor is the hourly rate of high school, 20 euros per hour, 4 times cheaper than a garage. This good plan is only accessible under certain conditions. The vehicles to be repaired have been selected beforehand according to the educational program of the school.

Online solutions

The solutions are mainly on the internet where it is possible to order used or new parts and to play the competition without having to move. A gearbox, for example, costs around 200 euros against 1000 euros if it is new. When buying on the internet, you must rely on the top 5 and 6 search results. It is, therefore, better to avoid websites that are too exotic and risk selling counterfeits to you. All that remains is to look for a mechanic neighbor or a nearby car garage to set up the piece.
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