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The market place has changed significantly. Thanks to technology, the current go-to-market strategy makes businesses find customers. This is a complete shift from the traditional approach where buyers went to find the market. Majority of the items on the website the shops stock are used for day to day activities. This makes shopping easier and interesting. Some online shopping sites stock products but the majority are provided by individual stores who have a working arrangement with the e-commerce platform. Below are some of the e-commerce shops in the United Kingdom.

Amazon UK

It derives its experience from Amazon’s flagship store in the United States. The operations are customised to suit the United Kingdom’s market. It is a one-stop-shop for commodities used in homes, offices, sports field and laboratories. The products include decor, toys, electronics, fashion, collectables, grocery and household items. Other products include books, sports equipment and electronic payment systems.
Thanks to its networks, the customer can order products from overseas and be delivered anywhere in the country. To get value for money, customers are urged to read the product description, ratings and reviews.

eBay UK

eBay has vast experience in e-commerce activities and auctions. Goods on eBay are classified according to their use. The stocks range from mechanical equipment, household goods, fashion apparel, gardening, beauty and second-hand commodities. The refurbished products are certified for sale with a warranty. Sections such as The Real Deal guides the buyer on where to look for a better shopping experience.
Just like Amazon, there are linkages between eBay in the UK and other territories on facilitations. The auction business provides an opportunity to buy and sell vintage collections and second-hand products. It also links the customer to its sister services like PayPal, Skype, Craigslist and Corrigon.

Mark and Spenser

The e-commerce retailer stocks everything from clothing, home décor, foodstuffs, furniture and other household goods. The Gift and Hamper section packages goods used for weddings, birthdays, engagements, anniversary among others. The M&S website has a page for Offers which brings together all discounted products and services. A customer can also book a holiday on the site, access offers from individual suppliers or order flowers, all which can be delivered on his or her doorsteps.
Shopping can be done in physical outlets, the website and the M&S mobile application. The site has a list of all the shops on the platform. There are links on the main website which introduces the shoppers to M&S supplementary products such as the MS Bank, M&S Opticians and the M&S Energy.


Tesco has over 3400 shops in the UK. The product range spans across agricultural products, kitchenware, and clothing for men, women and kids. It also stocks electronics, exotic wines, and chocolates. The Offer and Clearance sections create a pool for further product classification. Other services include the Tesco Bank (financial transactions), Tesco Mobile (purchase and service of mobile phones and accessories) and recipes (manuals for preparing meals).
Tesco customises its products based on seasons and occasions. Its working structure is like departmental stores; a summation of all things people need. The shop locator on the main website helps the shopper to find the nearby branch where they can collect their purchases. Tesco has a loyalty card - The Tesco Club card - that facilitates the commercial activities on the website.

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